encadrement aquarelle



As every painting is a new challenge, I try and experiment : there is some works which goes in the dusbin.... well, no, I keep it as archives. encadrement aquarelle When one work is satisfying me, I have to finish it with a framing.I prefer it as simple as possible, in order to highlight the bare painting. I use natural wood frames, mostly, so, I can match the shade precisely with the ones of the painting.

We need a thick cardboard for the back, one bevelled mount, one  glass board at the good size. The most of the time, I choose a plain mount : white or greyish brown. I don't like the colourful ones . It's only question on personal taste.

Free tool :
create your own photoframe

  logiciel d'encadrement pour Ipad
The frame application Ipad

Encadrement aquarelle
I add a fixing ring at the bottom, and then, I put every parts together, and assemble everything with care. I staple horizontaly in the thickness of the wood before finishing with gummed paper. Then, I stick the label on the cardboard, and I enclose eventually the signed certificate of authenticity.