watercolour brushes



A good brush is expensive, but it can last years. watercolour painting doesn't damaged brushes. Choose  it preferably "petit-gris" or marder.
Personnaly, I use this brushes assortment :  
1-"pur petit gris" Isabey N°0 for current painting. 2- "pur petit gris"Isabey N°5 for backgrounds, shadings of, and wide areas. 3- marder N°4 for small areas. 4- marder Kolinsky "very short" N° 2/0 for very small and precise details. 5- A synthetic brush to quickly wet a large area of the paper. 6- At last, a spread out brush, for specifics effects. brushes box

Never leave your brushes liying into the water. Well clean them with only water after using, then, dry them with absorbent paper, well re-shape them before lying them in a special box. Above all, use them only for watercolour painting. Never use them for drawing gum, or another type of paint.

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A new brush:

A new brush-
That small brush is very useful. it is synthetic, and don't keep a lot of water. I use it on wet paper to do special effects.
A new brush-
Here, you can see an example of use. When I need to realize some twigs in the background, for example. Or sometime I can use it for special effects of grass...