watercolour accessories and additives


Accessories and additives

In addition of paper, brushes and pigments, I also use some differents accessories and additives :
Additives :
- Fine salt  for special crackle effects.
- Ox gall solution in water, in order to give the paint more fluid.
- Drawing gum, to reserve small white areas on the paper.
Accessories :
- A wide plastic palette when I have to prepar a larger quantity of paint.
- A pen to reverve very small areas with drawing gum, an old synthetic brush for larger areas.
- A "soie de porc" brush brosse medium size, in order to "open" white spaces, or for grass effets.
- A small natural sponge, for dissolving or leaves effects.A absorbent paper roll, some cotton wool.

More articles about accessories

A pump spray:

A pump spray-
I don't have it for a long time, but I'm already fan of it. One spray water on the paper, and one spread colors with a very small brush. Everybody can try his personal technic. One fill simply with water, and one use the pump to press it.

Small sponges:

Small sponges-
Really practical sponges : I found fortunately very small of it. About 3 or 4 cm, they are very useful for example leaves or vegetation. Don't exaggerate with it. The square one can be used for wall, bricks, etc.

Silicon brush:Ideal for drawing gum

Silicon brush-Ideal for drawing gum
Silicon brushes are used to model paints or others materials. I think some of they are perfect to apply drawing-gum without risk of damage.