watercolour studio


My workroom

It hasn't a fixed place, I improvise it : somewhere in a nice spot of nowhere, on the corner of a lounge, there where are life, light and  inspiration.
It unpacks and spread itself : it has to be a little everywhere.
One small pot here, one brush there, something like a cloth which lies... What a mess I need for it seems to be my place.
It's a part of my universe.
I don't paint during a long time. I'm living at the same time. Sometimes, I go in front of my canvas. I don't feel always like to stop. Suddenly, the inspiration makes me a wink. My eyes answer to it, is surprised, assert itself, and I give the brushstroke which itches me. I go away, I come back, it's like that.I always look for harmony, and I try to restore the atmosphere working the most of the time with feelings.