Watercolors : Sweet time

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Food is nice to paint. Fruits, reflection of light in bottles, dishes, everything is interesting in colors and forms.
Original watercolour, Black grape, paint, watercolour, world diary, watercolour , grappe

Black grape

Watercolor - Theme : Sweet time
35 X 35
Grape at the heart of the reddening vine, just before the grape harvest. Treatment intuitive.

red pepper in the garden

Watercolor - Theme : Sweet time
24 X 24
Colorful and delicious. I took it with my eyes before gather it for cooking.
Original watercolour, red pepper in the garden,  , paint, watercolour, world diary, watercolour ,

Original watercolour, Tea time, paint, watercolour, world diary, watercolour ,

Tea time

Watercolor - Theme : Sweet time
22 X 20
The best moment of the day. A lot of blue-gray colors with just a tip of brightly colors.


In the kitchen

Watercolor - Theme : Sweet time
30 X 22
Comestible or not, this tasty mixing has to be enjoyed only with eyes. Table colours, predominant shade yellow and orange, with jus a tip of green to season it.
Original watercolour, Cucurbitacees, In the kitchen, paint, watercolour, world diary, watercolour ,